to do list

Sursa foto

1. Wore shirt that says SMILE. Gave away raisins.

2. Still waiting for my paycheck. Then I’ll hire.

3. Majored in something similar. Big mistake. Still asking WHY

4. Went up & down in the elevator. Nobody got in.

5. No can do. No sweets, no milk before Easter.

6. Went into the other office. The secretary said 1984. It didn’t work.

7. Still waiting for that damn paycheck…

8. Sat comfortably in chair, turned around, waiting. No one showed up. I got bored. Turned around. Someone entered.

9. Simon says this is stupid.

10. Too late. But I’ll force my kid into becoming one.

11. Did that. It wouldn’t speak…son of a…

12. First get driver’s license.

13. Waiting to grow sth first…



4 thoughts on “to do list

  1. ideisiidei says:

    asta-i lista asteniei de primavara

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